Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Defender  Academy  is  ready  to  take  on  the  task  of educating  and  preparing  the future of  network  defenders. With the  support  of parents, the  community, universities,  and  corporate  sponsors, we will be  able  to  train  network  guardians to  become  leaders  of character,  integrity, critical  thinking, and  problem  solving  skills. 

Cybersecurity  should  be  a  part  of  the American  school curriculum.  This course  not  only  teaches  its  students  to  work  with industry  tools, but  it  also  integrates some  of  the Student Learning  Objectives (SLOs)  of Maryland, Virginia and  Washington  D.C advanced  technology requirements.

The  graduates  of  these courses  are  the  junior elite  recruitment force  that  has the  fundamental knowledge  to  be  built  upon  by  future  educators and  employers.  

Defender  Academy  is  here  to:  Ignite the  flame  of curiosity  to build  a fortress  of Network  Defenders!

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